Seize opportunities/Neutralize threats

At NXP, we understand and respond at those crucial times when you need a bolstered presence through publicity, PR, or reputation management. We use our arsenal of tools and talents to let you control the narrative in situations which demand immediate action and a louder media voice in order to promote an idea or opportunity, or to mitigate a crisis:


  • If you are in the process of raising capital, you will need to put your best foot forward to engender and secure investor or lender interest (More Details);
  • If you are negotiating an acquisition, merger or underwriting, you will need to support your highest valuation (More Details);
  • If you are introducing a new product or service, you will need to have it announced, reviewed and endorsed for purposes of credibility and sales (More Details);
  • If you are facing off against a competitor who has recently launched a product or pricing tactic which encroaches on your customer territory, you will need to take remedial and precipitous action (More Details);
  • If you are being attacked in the media by a competitor, a rival, an overzealous journalist or investigative reporter, or by some other authority, you will need to take immediate public countermeasures in order to control the narrative and control, reverse, or minimize any damage to your reputation potentially caused by bad press (More Details).


NXP has the tactics and resources to help you steer through demanding or challenging situations and emerge victorious. We are not strangers to the war room.


Raising Capital

The process of raising capital is often a delicate matter that is fraught with complexity and perceptual dynamics. Perception, on the part of prospective investors or lenders, is paramount to success in the capitalization process. Your image, brand, and reputation are key to achieving the perception that your company is a viable and desirable investment, and this goes well beyond the presentation of financial statements, projections, and PowerPoint displays. 


During the investment dance – from investor courtship to the actual closing of financing – solid financial PR is essential, and while NXP cannot offer you financial or accounting advice, we understand the dynamics of appearances. Prospective investors and lenders will likely conduct multiple  search engine inquiries into your company and its key executives in making an assessment of your company’s credibility, challenges, and prospects. Our task, working in partnership with your company, is to make certain that those results are substantially favorable to your interests.


NXP is your experienced ally in perceptual matters of investor and lender due diligence, because the way in which your company is perceived as a prospective investment opportunity will often be the deciding factor in your ability to achieve a successful closing.

Negotiating Mergers, Acquisitions, And Underwriting

To help ensure its best negotiating leverage and to secure its position, your company requires the best possible capital valuation. While this valuation is usually based upon some combination of real reported statistics and hard facts, it is axiomatic that your company’s quantitative data (both historical and projected) should be supported with plenty of qualitative information that is positively focused. NXP provides a favorable spotlighting of your company (on multiple fronts and in many aspects) in the media to support your company’s best valuation, given its financial data. And since negotiations are often a multi-step process over an expanse of time, NXP provides ongoing media support until your merger, acquisition, or underwriting has been successfully concluded.

Introducing A New Product Or Service

When you are in the process of introducing a new product or service into the marketplace, it is a newsworthy event and should be treated as such in terms of media coverage. The news is appropriately disseminated through a mix of media, including journalist articles (where third-party references and endorsements are made), third-party press releases, news brief videos, and new reviews. NXP creates or initiates the creation of these media types in order to rapidly spread the news about your brand’s innovation.

Protecting Your Market

When your competitor launches a new product or employs an aggressive or predatory pricing practice or strategy which can potentially threaten your market share or invade your established customer base, it is incumbent upon you to take action through either positive or negative countermeasures. An example of a positive countermeasure would be offering to meet or beat a competitor’s price, or to tout a better or comparable product innovation by your company. An example of a negative countermeasure would be denouncing your competitor’s product as being less than adequate, or to denounce your competitor’s pricing strategy as a short-term “bait and switch” type of deceitful tactic. NXP creates and expediently implements protective tactics (preferably positive ones) to protect your customer base and share of the market when you come under assault by a competitor.

Protecting Your Reputation

The bigger you become, the easier a target you we be for your opposition. It is common practice among adversaries, whatever their position or motivation, to take to the media to hurt the reputation of a business enterprise or an individual perceived as a rival. Dissatisfied customers, former employees and former clients quite often find some release in maligning a former employer or contractor. They may post negative information online or may take to the courts for judicial relief. Courtroom battles often find their way into mainstream and alternative media, and their ultimate outcomes can even be substantially influenced by media bias treatment. When your brand, corporate or personal, is under attack, NXP will enact appropriate countermeasures to help you regain control of the narrative and give you a better, more positive search engine and public appearance. That is the very essence of reputation management PR.


In controlling the narrative, powerful responses to adversarial assaults in the media are posted in your behalf to indicate your responsiveness to negative commentary, as well as to effectively and persuasively present your side of the story. A failure, on your part, to be responsive to your critics is either tantamount to an admission of wrongdoing or fault, or will be perceived negatively as indifference. Either prospect is untenable, and negatives must always be counterbalanced and minimized by positives. 


While negative information, in the form of poor reviews or courtroom news, cannot generally be made to disappear completely from search engine results, an overwhelming preponderance of positive reviews and favorable information can often very effectively dilute their potency. High-ranking positive search engine results in great numbers tend to “push down” negative information. NXP assists its reputation management PR clients in stacking search engine results in their favor, and in giving each of those clients a better general media profile.