NXP is an equal opportunity employer, embracing inclusiveness and championing diversity in all of our hiring and vendor selection policies.


We are constantly in search of the brightest and best minds in all aspects of publicity and public relations, including: account/publicity executives, technical publicity and PR experts, journalists, scriptwriters, editors and editorial staff, operations and technical support personnel, videographers, photographers, newscasters and announcers, news and media analysts, content submissions professionals, social media mavens, business administrators, media managers, and accountants. We have a proud tradition of welcoming and working with student interns who are interested in careers in our fascinating and growing industry.


If you have an interest in joining our team, please send your resume and full particulars in the form of an email attachment or as an in-text email link to our Human Resources Department at The subject of your email should state the type of position for which you would like to be considered.


NXP has full-time employment opportunities as well as numerous opportunities for freelancers working remotely, and we provide an excellent working environment.