Publicity has to do with getting a clear and compelling message to your target audience through use of the various media outlets, including traditional media (such as print publishing, television, cable, and radio), emerging technology-based media (such as digital publishing, streaming, podcasting, social media, hosted video, and blogs) and through third-party endorsements provided through reputable influencers or celebrities. Ideally, since credibility is often an issue when you are representing yourself and your brand in advertising, third-party endorsements of your products, services, or other offerings are highly effective, and should be a part of any well-conceived publicity campaign. Name recognition, credibility, authority, and search engine domination, are your principal publicity objectives. NXP uses its substantial resources and expertise in order to be certain that you successfully address each of these goals.


While there is considerable overlap between the two, public relations (PR) is more appropriately centered on developing the perception and reputation of your company or organization and its brand rather than focusing chiefly on the name recognition and other aspects more ordinarily associated with publicity, as cited in the preceding paragraph. NXP’s capabilities relating to the creation of excellent PR are unsurpassed in the industry.


Publicity and PR operate together to complement other marketing activities, such as advertising, sales, and promotion, and NXP successfully integrates them all synergistically for its clients’ benefit.