Raising Capital

The process of raising capital is often a delicate matter that is fraught with complexity and perceptual dynamics. Perception, on the part of prospective investors or lenders, is paramount to success in the capitalization process. Your image, brand, and reputation are key to achieving the impression that your company is a viable and desirable investment, and this goes well beyond the essential and ordinary presentation of financial statements, projections, decks, and PowerPoint displays. 


During the investment dance – from investor courtship to the actual closing of your financing – solid financial PR is essential, and while NXP cannot offer you financial or accounting advice, we understand the dynamics of appearances. Prospective investors and lenders will likely conduct multiple  search engine inquiries into your company and its key executives in making an assessment of your company’s credibility, challenges, and prospects. Our task, working in partnership with your company, is to make certain that those search results yield information that is substantially favorable to your interests.


NXP is your experienced ally in the impression-related matters of investor and lender due diligence, because the way in which your company is seen as a prospective investment opportunity will often be a major deciding factor in whether or not you will be able to achieve a successful closing.