Competitive intelligence is, put simply, the accumulation, formatting, and analysis of data about what’s happening in your industry. It can encompass your competitors’ social media presence, brand positioning, pricing strategy, product tiers, or, at times, their recent job postings. Competitive intelligence is the output of transforming these individual data points into a comprehensive picture of your competitors’ strategies at any given time. And this knowledge, of course, is power.


Competitive intelligence is a necessity when you are planning your company’s next move. With robust data, you can predict where your competitors are heading and how successful they’ll be when they get there–allowing you to aggressively play the offense. Strong competitive intelligence analysis allows you to develop your tactics and strategy preemptively and powerfully. 


Using the data and its implications provided by competitive intelligence, you will be ready to formulate and implement actions to outpace your competitors and garner precious market share and customers.


NXP will enable your company to thrive in a competitive market environment through the collection, aggregation, and real-time application of detailed and actionable competitive intelligence.