NewsXPartners Corporation (NXP) is an international publicity and public relations firm headquartered in New York.


NewsXPartners Corporation (NXP) is an international publicity and public relations firm headquartered in New York.


Started as an unincorporated association of journalists and editors in 2006 and formally incorporated in 2022, NXP has established a unique industry tradition of being disarmingly quiet about itself while delivering consistently outstanding results for the benefit of our clients. You may be familiar with us for our presence and expertise in the health, wellness, and longevity field and for our extensive work and achievements within the nutritional supplement industry.


In the years since its inception, NXP has partnered with a growing base of visionary leaders, forward-thinking professionals, organizations, and businesses to successfully promote their respective brands and to protect their reputations domestically and internationally. This has been achieved through the intelligent implementation of publicity and public relations (PR) strategies employing a variety of tools, including sponsored content creation and publication (through journal articles and videos), third-party press releases, social media posting, influencer endorsements, and search engine optimization (SEO) of digital media assets. We combine unparalleled creativity with state-of-the-art technical execution.


At NXP, we understand how to leverage the news, digital media assets, third-party endorsements and state-of-the-art technology to gain unparalleled visibility, credibility, authority, and dominant search results for our clients. We empower our clients’ competitive presence by creating, fine-tuning and managing their media buzz, and by shaping and controlling their brand narrative and marketplace perception. And perception gives birth to real-time human responsiveness, whether you are promoting something to consumers, businesses, or to the public at large.


We also understand that what you say is important, but how you say it may sometimes be even more important.


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Your media presence speaks volumes

Being quoted, favorably reviewed, or endorsed by influential third parties in the news, informational media or social media builds credibility, authority, and name recognition for you, your business, or your organization. These attributes will increase your market share or following, while they will also secure greater loyalty among your existing customer base or following.


NXP creates and promotes outstanding, powerful media assets


Put our experience, expertise, and creativity to work for you

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