Our Mission


To exceed the ordinary expectations for companies within our industry. To set a new, higher standard for the performance of a publicity and public relations firm. To provide truly outstanding service and results for our clients.


Our Vision


To reinvent publicity and public relations through a greatly enhanced approach to content creation, endorsement and promotion.


Our Core Values


Integrity. Consistency. Excellence.



We treat you, and our business partnership with complete Integrity – this means that we are never at a conflict with you as a client, and that we always maintain openness and full transparency.


We provide a continuity of service that transcends immediate needs and scales appropriately to the longer term. Consistency is our watchword. It has been since our beginnings.


We perform our function, whether integrated with your marketing department or as a free-standing advisor and facilitator, with Excellence – with the greatest possible attention to every single detail of every campaign and every market movement.


NXP is unwavering in its priority and commitment to our clients. Our reason for existence is to serve you – with Integrity, Consistency, and Excellence. We are responsible stewards of your publicity and PR budget and investment.


NXP provides the highest and best standard of client practice

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