Any significant media or business event that can substantially negatively impact your sales or business can be considered a PR crisis, and even with the best-made contingency planning, a crisis can materialize due to circumstances which you were unable to anticipate. Crises are also generally characterized by their suddenness – they may catch you off guard and off balance, and force you into the undesirable position of playing defense in order to protect your reputation and your revenues. While some parties regard crisis management and mitigation as a part of reputation PR (and in certain aspects it is), NXP treats it as a separate area of technical specialization and practice that works directly with reputation PR.


A serious threat to your business and brand can occur as a result of any number of unfortunate and unforeseen surprises, including, but not necessarily limited to such possibilities as: losing a court case or the initiation of legal proceedings; being investigated by a regulatory agency; substantively negative press brought about by a bad customer experience, a recalcitrant employee, or by a competitor’s media attack or media victory; a change in relevant technology; an intellectual property dispute; an aggressive competitor suddenly entering your market, or any number of other stressors which arise seemingly out of nowhere, or which simply could not have been predicted and proactively countered.  As difficult or as intimidating as these situations may seem, NXP can help you successfully navigate your way to the most positive outcome in each case.