Protecting Your Reputation

The bigger that you have become, the easier a target you will be for your opposition. It is common practice among adversaries, whatever their position or motivation may be, to take to the media to hurt the reputation of a business enterprise or an individual perceived as a competitor or rival. Dissatisfied customers, former employees, and former clients quite often find some reward or release in maligning a former employer, contractor, or vendor. They may post negative information online or may take to the courts for judicial relief. Courtroom battles often find their way into mainstream and alternative media, and their ultimate outcomes may even be substantially influenced by media bias. 


When your brand, corporate or personal, is under attack, NXP will enact appropriate countermeasures to help you regain control of the narrative and give you a better, more positive search engine profile and public appearance. That is the very essence of reputation management PR.


In controlling the narrative, powerful responses to adversarial assaults in the media are posted on your behalf to indicate your responsiveness to negative commentary, as well as to effectively and persuasively present your side of the story. A failure, on your part, to be responsive to your critics is either tantamount to an admission of wrongdoing or fault, or will be perceived negatively as recklessness or indifference. Either prospect is untenable, and negatives must always be counterbalanced and minimized with positives. 


While negative information, in the form of poor reviews or courtroom news, cannot generally be made to disappear completely from search engine results, an overwhelming preponderance of positive reviews and favorable information can often very effectively dilute their adverse potency. High-ranking positive search engine results in great numbers tend to “push down” more dated negative information. NXP assists its reputation management PR clients in stacking search engine results in their favor, and in giving each of those clients a better, more decidedly positive general media profile.