Obtaining Influencers And Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

Third-party endorsements provided by well-known social media influencers and celebrity brand ambassadors can be a very potent stimulus to credibility, name recognition, and ultimately, to generating sales or subscriptions from new customers, clients, members, or followers. But using the wrong influencer (or choosing an unsuitable or conflicted celebrity) can bring about the ruin of a brand and a precipitous fall-off in sales. We also know that making arrangements with and dealing with “star” talents can be intimidating and frustrating for the uninitiated. 


At NXP, we know how to identify and negotiate the best terms with the best and most image-appropriate influencer or celebrity to spread your brand’s message to your target demographic. In fact, our Social Media Management Group (an unincorporated division of NXP) has the knowledge, talent, contacts and resources to run your entire social media campaign, inclusive of influencer and endorser selection, management, and monitoring. From creating your message, to locating and arranging engagement terms with your influencer or ambassador, NXP covers the field in its entirety for you.